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Hello and Welcome to your new home destination!

Over the past 8 years I have been working with and helping people like you find and purchase the house of your dreams or sell your current home as you move on to the next chapter in your life.

While working as a Benchmark realty Tennessee realtor, I have made many contacts in the home decorating world and operate a wallpapering company. I can provide you with the people, tools and expertise to re-decorate your new home or prepare your current home to be presented in the best way possible.

Take a look around. I only have the most current listings on this site, but there are hundreds more I can show to you. Give me a call, text or email and let me know how I can help you achieve your real estate goals.

Buy Your New Home in Tennessee

Check out the homes for sale in Franklin, Dickson, Fairview, White Bluff, Bon Aqua, and other regions in Tennessee

For Sale

1532 Armistead Dr
Clarksville, TN 37042

3 Bedrooms
1488 Sq Ft
0.8 Acres
For Sale

617 Independence Dr E
Franklin, TN 37067

4 Bedrooms
2055 Sq Ft
0.16 Acres
For Sale

1085 Stockett Dr
Franklin, TN 37069

4 Bedrooms
5283 Sq Ft
0.59 Acres


Buying or
Selling home? Hiring the right realtor in Tennessee can make all the difference

Buying or selling your house is a significant life event. As a result, you need to consider various aspects to make the right decision. In this regard, you must hire a trusted realtor in Tennessee with years of experience in the real estate market you are buying or selling home in. Besides, with your best interest in mind, they will follow the right professional approach to help you with customized solutions.

How Can I Help You?

    The Neighborhood

    When you move into a new location you want to make sure you have found a great home that fits your needs, but also a great environment for you and any children you might have.

    I represent many great neighborhoods, with excellent schools and multiple places to play, learn and grow.  Feel free to let me know if you have any questions at anytime.

    Local Adventures

    From biking, shopping, canoeing, hiking and more, the neighborhoods I represent can provide the outlet for your hobbies and activites that make you happy.

    See what local adventures you can have in your new neighborhood when you buy your new home with me.




    Unique Shopping Experiences

    Outdoor Adventures

    5 reasons to hire a Tennessee realtor for your real estate solutions

    When navigating the real estate market in Dickson, Franklin, Fairview, White Bluff, Bon Aqua, and other regions in Tennessee, it is better to hire a realtor. Check out the reasons why.

    and expertise

    Your realtor understands the technicalities and formalities involved in buying or selling a home. As a result, you can leverage their knowledge and expertise for different real estate solutions.

    Extensive market

    Your realtor in Tennessee is well acquainted with the Tennessee real estate market. They can provide you with in-depth guidance about the real estate market value of various locations where you are buying or selling a house. They also have knowledge of the current housing market trends in Tennessee and can help you make the right real estate decisions.

    Help find the
    right house

    You may have preferences when buying your new home. These can include total area, number of bedrooms, features and amenities, ease of transportation, school district, etc. Your realtor in Tennessee can help you find the right home based on your specific needs and requirements.

    Provide pricing

    When buying or selling a house, your realtor can provide you with helpful pricing guidance. For instance, they can help sellers to set an asking price worth their home and help them get the best price possible. On the other hand, they can assure that buyers pay a price for their new home based on its actual worth. Their efficient negotiating skills will help ensure a great deal for the buyers and sellers they are representing.

    Connect to the
    right professionals

    At different stages of buying or selling a house, you may need the help of various professionals, such as mortgage lenders, home inspectors, real estate attorneys, handymen, etc. Your realtor can help you connect with the right professionals needed to prepare your home for sale or redecorate your new house.

    Our Blog

    Your Resources

    You are almost there.  Your home is on the market or you are looking for your new place.  With so many things to do with a new home you might need help or inspiration.

    To help you, I publish a monthly magazine with tips, tricks, insight and recommendations on how to make your home look its best for selling or fit your style after you purchase your home.  Give me a call, I would be happy to bring or mail you a copy of the latest edition and help you achieve your real estate goals.

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